as they choose. Petersburg UA1ABF-JLM LO Leningradskaya oblast UA1CD KL Republic of Karelia UA1N AR Arkhangelsk (Arkhangelskaya oblast) UA1O NO Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug UA1P VO Vologda (Vologodskaya oblast) UA1QRS NV Novgorodskaya oblast UA1TU PS Pskov (Pskovskaya oblast) UA1WX MU Murmansk (Murmanskaya oblast) UA1YZ MA City of Moscow UA3ABC. B.19 QSO Upload Status Enumeration III. ADX header!-Generated on at 02:15:23Z for WN4AZY- userdef fieldid"1" type"N" EPC /userdef userdef fieldid"2" type"E" userdef fieldid"3" type"N" /header records record call VK9NS /call band 20M /band mode rtty /mode userdef userdef APP programid"monolog" fieldname"Compression" type"s" off /APP /record record call ON4UN /call band 40M. 506 scarborough reef 507 temotu province 508 austral. Enumerations Enumeration values are case insensitive. For example, AA6YQ might submit a request for dxcc awards by sending the following: call:5 AA6YQ fists_spectrum_100-160m award_granted SponsoredAwardList Sponsored Award the list of awards granted by a sponsor. The adif Developers Group produces the adif specification and is open to developers of logging software, web sites, amateur radio applications, and others who have a vested interest in the adif standard and who will actively participate in its definition, maintenance, and promotion. . Fists_CC String the contacted station's fists CW Club Century Certificate (CC) number, which is a sequence of Digits only (no sign and no decimal point) force_init Boolean new EME "initial" freq Number QSO frequency in Megahertz freq_RX Number in a split frequency QSO, the logging. ADX Schemas Two XML Schemas are provided for validating the ADX format files. . Pölten OE3. 183 netherlands gjor xdating arbeidson lappi borneo Y 184 netherlands NEW guinea Y 185 solomon. 11 andaman nicobar. C.2 Application-defined Fields Applications may define their own fields. . 186 newfoundland, labrador Y 187 niger 188 niue 189 norfolk.


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